Narinder Singh Walia came to Canada to work hard and provide for his family, with a dream in his mind to start his own business. As years went by so did his dreams, from working in gas-stations to owning his own. He had  thought that he had fulfilled his dream. Suddenly the SaveWay gas stations went out of business in Canada. Narinder than opened a restaurant in the heart of the city Makhana,

a partnership with longtime friend. The restaurant was a success, Narinder decided it was to time to move his life forward & get married.

In 1985 he married Surinder, a law student from Agra. With a lavish wedding full of family friends Narinder & Surinder began their journey together. A couple months later Narinder arrived in Ottawa with his wife excited to start his life. He found that his partnership had turned sour, he was kicked out his restaurant and partnership. He was devastated, with the support of his family & friends he was determined he will one day find success.

As the years went by his family grew, he had two sons Ankit & Aman. Narinder was now working for himself he joined Blue Line Taxi, he struck success with the company with owning his own plates. One day he was dropping a customer off in ChinaTown he came upon a for lease sign for a vacant business 802 Somerset St. West. Narinder contacted the landlord and signed the lease, he had a feeling that his dream would finally come true.

Narinder wanted to open a Indian grocery store, he struggled to find suppliers & inventory but he definitely had a name in mind. Narinder decided to name his business with the initials of his family NASA, N for Narinder, A for Ankit, S for Surinder & A for Aman. 


On June 6th 1997 Nasa Food Centre opened in the heart of Chinatown, 802 Somerset St. W.

Over the years as the South Asian community grew so did NASA. What started as a grocery store slowly became a place for freshly made sweets, snacks, samosas & delicious Indian take-out. In 2005 with the help and support of his wife Walia decided to expand his business to the West of Ottawa Barrhaven.


NASA FOOD today is a staple in the community. Over the years NASA has supported hundreds 

of events, concerts, non-profit organizations & community organizations. 




Serving the Nations Capital

for the past 20+ years


of Barrhaven



NASA FOOD is currently operating in the heart of  Barrhaven, 3050 Woodroffe Ave. Along with carrying a huge variety of south Asian grocery NASA'S chefs are making freshly made curries, naans, snacks, samosas & sweets daily.

Over the past year the family business has done a complete renovation with a modern touch. NASA is now being operated by Narinder's son Aman Walia.

NASA FOOD has been serving the nations capital for the past 2 decades & promises to continue to serve valued customers top quality products with great service.

Summer 2020

  NASA FOOD will be launching a New Menu, New Specials & Online Ordering ... Stay Tuned!!

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